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1971: Hans Beck: "The Father Of PLAYMOBIL®"

1974: The first PLAYMOBIL® sets enter the market

1976: The TROL License (Brazil)

1978: Schenk bootlegs PLAYMOBIL® in Hungary

197X: The Lyra License (Greece)

198X: The Schaper License (USA)



Export and non-export markets

Regional Exclusives

Promotional Sets

Copyright, molds and other stories

Set numbering exposed

Packaging throughout the years


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What's a KLICKY?

Was there ever a red framework house?

What is known about prototypes and themes that never were released?

What's the value of my old pile of PLAYMOBIL®?

Where can I find discontinued items?

Where can I find replacement parts?

Where do I get replacement parts for discontinued sets?

How to find and contact a PLAYMOBIL® Service Department?

Where can I find instruction sheets for old buildings?

What can I do to keep my collection in perfect condition?

How do I go about washing my old and dirty PLAYMOBIL® parts?

How can I open my PLAYMOBIL® boxes without the usual tears?

How do I go about operating two RC-MODUL cars in the same room?

What's the easiest method to pull a figure apart, so that I can customize it?

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